Welcome to my website!

Here you will find offerings to strengthen, harmonise and bring healing to your life through wellbeing of body, mind, heart and soul. I’m a modern day mystic who is passionate about seeing my clients & students thrive and live their best life! I provide empowerment mentoring, ancient wisdom teachings, consciousness expansion practises & modern day support structures such as yoga, bodywork, breath work, sacred ceremony, healing & divination.


Body Work & Massage

Deeply nurturing, flowing, firm in pressure and relaxing. Combining remedial massage, trigger point therapy & healing touch therapy Jades massage is an experience for body, mind & soul. Releasing pain and limitation & restore your nervous system back to wellbeing!


Cycle Mapping & Support

Our menstrual cycle and the struggles that come with it can be so confusing!! Perhaps you are blowing up your life each month with PMT? Maybe you just really want to embody the sacred feminine more and don’t know where to start? Maybe you have no idea about this thing called a period? Learn how to turn your menstrual cycle into a place of nurture, empowerment and deep wisdom. Release shame and limitation around your womanhood and look forward to your moon (period) each month!


Soul Support Sessions

Needing direction and guidance?  Cant see the forest for the tree's? Perhaps your at a cross road and don't know what the next step is? These sessions will help you refocus and attune to the path your soul is directing you towards.  Clairaudient Coaching & Tarot to assist you in hearing & accessing your deepest truth, clearing the way for the best version of you to shine!