Sex Yourself and your cycle is the sexual and menstrual education that you did not recieve at school, yet we all need to feel empowered in our journey of womanhood, in relationships, in our empowerment, self care and creativity
The menarche, the first flow of blood, this is a girl's initiation into the moon lodge, the cycles of the moon, the rhythms of the ocean. This is our counting calender, from times past, based on the number thirteen.  Gaia Codex: node 33321.89


If you are like most women raised in the “modern world” you probably had to find your own way into woman-hood without celebration or acknowledgement of your menses.  More than likely, you went into your teen and adult years feeling unequipped about your sexual and menstrual rhythms.


We women mostly go through life with the devastating and sometimes debilitating complex that our emotions & needs are inconsistent, unpredictable and inconvenient.  


Common problems associated with Menstruation


A woman's womb is sacred;

It is the centre and source of creation.

Gaia Codex: node 444.3221



The good news is, that women are actually perfectly rhythmic.

The very nature of the feminine flows in and around 4-phased cycles that govern all aspects of life. Think Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring; New, Waxing, Full & Waning Mon; think the 4 directions.  Way too often a woman's hormones & sensitivities are blamed as cause for "problems" in her life, leaving her feeling disempowered and wrong for being emotional. 

Does this sound familiar?

On top of that, we are trying to find ways to be sensual, sexual and ready for pleasure all of the time, consistently.  Instead of feeling empowered and free to be the women we are, we feel overwhelmed, exhausted and often hurt. And it's not just us. Our partners are often telling us that they can never work us out!  It's so confusing!!!!! 


As a woman you are MEANT to be sensitive with needs and desires that shift and change.


Your intuition, emotions and hormones actually guide you to your freedom. It is just that you have not been shown how to work with, celebrate and honour them, yet.


Within your feminine nature lies a world of mystery, of vast and powerful expression.


 This is your birthright.


Within the Red Tent we learn about the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the many phases & faces of the Sacred Feminine


Gaia Codex: node 44.321.83

When we have the knowledge that is ours to know, we Begin to understand what is happening in our bodies as our hormones change and our sexual desires shift...





Both Jade and Melissa know, though experience, that we women literally carry lineages of wisdom inside each and every one of us.   Unfortunately, many of us are not currently living in societies that encourage, or for the most part, are aware of these gifts that we are born with. 

CWomen are awakening all over the planet, coming back to the ways of our ancestors, reclaiming the ways of the wombed ones and the power that lies within us to create life... Our womb is not a place of pain and fear, it is a place of creativity and giving birth to life

Thank fully this is changing 

We are bringing back the ways of our ancestors


There is a huge awakening on the planet. For women this is especially within the realms of our sexuality & our reproduction.  Many women around the world are reclaiming their sensual-selves. 

Many women are returning to their wombs for necessary healing work.  We invite you to come on a deeply profound and healing journey with us, to reclaim what has been stolen & suppressed & discover yourself as the profound gift that you are.



Sex, Yourself & Your cycle

Sex Yourself and Your Cycle is a 6 week online immersion into sacred sexuality and the ancient traditions of the red tent
Self Care is a pillar for transformation

Week 1: Introduction and preparation for course


Self-care rituals

Setting up sacred Space

Releasing shame and core beliefs around menstruation and sexuality.

Heart-to-yoni meditation

Yoni Steaming

Catching the Goddess Train; the health of our sleep.



Week 2: The Wise Woman Archetype, Dark moon/New Moon, Bleed


New self contract

Sex and aging

Breast Massage

The magic of our bleed: Menstruation Rituals

Going into retreat: Receiving messages from the Divine

Earth ceremonies

Work book: Getting to know the wise woman archetype

MP3:  Meeting the wise woman within

Shadow Work:  The Saboteur, Your Gateway to healthy habits



Week 3: The seductress of life, Waxing Moon


Re-introduction to your inner maiden

Here we re-introduce you to sex, your bleed and the archetype of the Seductress of life

Yoni mirror work

Body Love

Pussy Patting

Yoni mandala

You are the nectar of life

Fountain of Bliss


Air Ceremonies

MP3:  Menarche Inititation Ceremony

Preparing to enter the red tent

Workbook:  Meeting the needs of our inner Maiden

Shadow Work:  The Prostitute;  Healing the Sacred Woman 



Week 4: The Erotic Queen, Full moon. Ovulation.


Taking control of your own pleasure

Sexual reflexology

Yoni massage

Sacred Spot Massage

Sex Magic

Erotic Edges

Fire Ceremonies

MP3:  Enter the temple of the priestess

Workbook:  The Mother Archetype

Shadow Work:  The Martyr;  Service not Sacrifice; Self Care Commitment


Week 5: The Evolving Queen, Waning Moon


Conscious dissemination

Surrender: The path to deep vaginal orgasms

Taking control of your Pap Smears

Foods that make you taste good


Cervical Orgasms

Water Ceremonies

MP3:  Meeting the Medicine Woman

Workbook:  Menstruation Preperation

Workbook:  Queen of her Kingdom

Shadow Work:  Healing the Victim Archetype



Week 6: Conscious communication


Interview with Kris Stone from "Conscious Cock":  How to bring up the hard stuff

Setting boundaries

Solo sex dates

Empathy and Forgiveness

What IS conscious communication

The art of truly listening





Sacred cock massage mp4

Yoni Steam Workshop with Sabrina from Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam

Discover Your Magic Course with Jade

Empowerment Through Pleasure Program with Melissa



Sex, Yourself & Your Cycle

Your Facilitators:


Jade Mason

Under the umbrella of “The Sacred Women Collective” Jade offers potent breakthrough and healing through through her programs, one on one coaching & sacred space holding as a red tent facilitator. 

Her unique gift is in assisting & empowering women to transform  pain and disempowerment around their womanhood by providing a safe place to be held, herd & heal. 

Over the past 20 years Jade has been working as a channel for change and growth through her psychic gifts, sharing key information to facilitate breakthrough unique to the individual. 

She shares mother earth wisdom & sacred feminine energy transmissions that provide potent activations to remember the information we hold in our wombs, yet have forgotten in the business and structure of today's society. 


Melissa Boord

Originally from Australia, Melissa now lives between Cuba and Costa Rica where she teaches her passion and knowing that Our Pleasure is Not Optional. 

Our orgasmic and sensual health is vital to our well being . Physically, emotionally  and spiritually.

Melissa aims to see the return of the red tent culture for women and rights of passage for men, within which ancient wisdom is returned to the being of humanity. 

Drawing on teachings from daoism, tantra and modern day breakthroughs, Melissa supports both men and women in teaching orgasm for health, spiritual expansion and just great sex for oneself and within relationship with others . 

Self pleasure and empowerment ripples out of the bedroom into your whole life.


What others are saying about us:

The biggest thing that has come out of this program with Jade, was reconnecting with myself in every sense of the word. To realise how vital that is, to be able to live authentically and completely.  To be happy and then to be able to share that with others.  And then to share my true self and to be loved for who I really am instead of going through life being the person that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Now people are appreciating me for who I really am... I have so many tools, its overwhelming!  This has come at the most pivotal time in my world and triggered a huge spiritual awakening that has taken me on the biggest ride of my life and I am so ready for it!

Every part of my self is shedding and shedding and shedding and as I let go and trust I know that everything that comes from this is going to make my life so much more meaningful. I will look back when I am an old crone lady and laugh!!! Learning about all of these different aspects of myself has triggered me to go on a deep search in so many areas of my life & to really reconnect with nature, letting her take my tears, my shedding, reconnecting with that part of myself that wants to be connected to the natural world, to revel in it and learn from it... I'm hesitant to let go of this circle because its been such a light in my life...

Thank you for all of the support and space holding... Sharing with you all has been so amazing...

Arielle Simons


If I were to enrol on a journey to reconnect with my deepest levels of self with anyone it would be with Melissa. She lead a sacred open space for connection soo beautifully- truly a gift, and one of the greatest ones I've given myself in a while. What I also loved about her pleasure journey was being able to fit it into my crazy schedule-highly recommended!

Anna Johnson


Melissa is bold, honest, passionate, and full of wisdom. She taps into the wild truth of humans without any hesitation - what a fresh breeze and courage! I believe her workshops should be taken by all the women AND men on this planet!

Junko-Koko Niwa

Melissa is a powerful woman with a powerful message! I'm deeply grateful for her wisdom, authenticity and passion to share. Helping me to connect and ground more to my body, heart and my womb space.

Her practices are extremely helpful and informational. Everything she knows I believe everyone should know. There is so much more to sex than most of us have been taught.

She helps break that down and recreates to empower everyone!! She truly has a gift! So much love for this woman.

Amanda Thomas


Melissa is a wealth of information. She is very instrumental in creating space which invites us to open up and honestly talk about the things that need to be spoken about with regards to our current model of sex education. I came into this workshop very curious and excited to learn and I certainly left with new information and insights. I feel anyone from any demographic or background can benefit from her workshops.

I left the workshop feeling very inspired about how I approach the topic of sex with my young children. Thank you Melissa. You are doing a great service to society and young men and women by talking about the things that we were all told are too taboo to be said out loud.

Annalisa Raghunandan


I really feel like its been gentle waves of the ocean, sitting on the shore of a very familiar beach of gentle lapping waves on the shore...The content of the course has felt  like home to me.. I was trying to identify if it's because I was aware of these different archetypes in the past, but I think what it is, is an intrinsic knowledge that each time a wave has come towards me and touched my feelings, it is like being home.  

This course with Jade has been like coming home, its like this wisdom is our wisdom and remembering this, with all of the tools, and living in that space of deep wisdom of the feminine in all of her faces, her wildness, her medicine woman, her empress, her creatress &  empowering all of the aspects of  the feminine... I can never be reminded enough to keep coming  home, because it seems to be a  passageway of life to go from  forgetfulness to remembrance....

It has been powerful to explore this  space together as a weekly pilgrimage.  To come back to remembering and back to home  within tribe and within self. . .

Zoe Dodds


Coming into this course with Jade, I had no idea about the feminine, I thought being feminine was  wearing high heals and parading around pretending to act sexy...Moon cycles & that stuff always intrigued me but I didn’t know  anything about it...I feel like I’m  shedding and shedding and  shedding, to the point where I say  things and I can’t even believe that came out of my mouth... I look  behind myself wondering where it came from!!!!   Life is just so different now for me.

When I feel fear of people seeing  me as myself I feel more at peace  because I know myself on a whole new level.  I always felt like an outsider, never a part of a crew, this space has  been so healing , in the authentic  rawness of the feminine and I can be wholeheartedly me

My life changed when i started  doing that, instead of swimming upstream ...   I am so grateful for the whole sisterhood, when each woman shares I get so many aaahaaaa moments and realise I’m not a weirdo. . .

Simone Travers



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