Are you Ready For a tranformational journey that will empower your life and your community?


Are you ready to Guide sisters in circle and empower them to rise to the best version of themselves?


The Feminine embodiment temple journey is a safe container to learn how to hold space for self and others in the way of the womb.  

Discover the power that flows through you with each cycle so that you can inspired others to do the same. 

Replenish, restore, remember & heal the feminine wound.

Bathe in the river of feminine nourishment.  

Expand your experience through sharing, learning, guiding, meditating, practicing rituals and returning to a life that is profoundly sacred & abundant in a playful and empowered way.   

a 9 month Rite of Passage Journey


What's involved?


Gateway 1: maiden & the Way of the Womb… Air


Gateway 2: The mother & the Way of the Empress… Fire


Gateway 3: The medicine Woman & Compassionate Leadership… Water


Gateway 4: The Elder & The Medicine Wheel of the Womb Space Holder… Earth


All Online, enter the temple & hold space for sisters from the comfort of your own home

The red tent is a place of rest, replenishment, celebration, powerful healing & transformation.  Sisters have been gathering in red tent and moon lodge since the dawn of time.  The ancient wisdom & blood mysteries that we share in this sacred space give us the opportunity to heal the wounds around our menstrual cycle and discover how powerful this time of month is!!! This wisdom has been hidden from us for millenia, creating generations upon generations of women who don't truly understand the gift in their blood, the power they hold in their bodies and the opportunity for deep cleansing that occurs each month.  We havn't been taught how to fully access adn utilize our womanhood!!  

The safe container we create & share in the red tent gives women the opportunity to re experience their menses in a truly empowering and celebratory way.  To realign with the essence of their womanhood.  To be seen, to be herd, to be held and to receive.  To heal, replenish, reconnect with her wisdom & become a beacon of light for herself, her family and her community.

Each week we have a red tent circle & ceremony where we explore the phases of our menstrual cycle together, through experience.  We are supported as we witness our sisters in their journey with their womanhood, which empowers us, gives us permission and creates waves of relief that we are not alone in our experiences.  We learn how to use our cycle to live a life that is finely tuned to natures cycles and to be a woman who walks to the beat of her intuitive power... Ohhhh Yeah baby!!!   

Workshop & Cosmic Guidance Space

We are so excited about this space!!! This is where we get to share workshop, and have sisters in our collective share their amazing gifts with us!  

Embodiment practices are essential for a sensuous empowered and easeful life, this space will light you up, tantilise your woman hood and bring radical expansion to your inner world!! 

We will be guided by the flavours of the cosmic flow and where we are at on an evolutionary astrological level.  We have been going through such massive shifts and changes as a collective, as we continue the shift into the new earth paradigm.  You may or may not be familiar with the ascension path, but I am sure, if you are reading this you are ready for the next level of expansion and up shifting of your consciousness!! 


Topics Include:


*Sacred Sexuality Practices

*Business Growth, Expression and Planning

*Movement & Yoga

* Moon Circles Rituals & Cosmic Updates

*Sacred Sisterhood Topics to address and heal wounding around the feminine

*Music, Song and Expression Sessions


All workshops will be recorded and added to the Mystery School Library where you can access anytime


Thats it! Simple and easy, with loads of value


  • Circle call a week that has the power to change your life!

  • 1 new moon ceremony, medicine woman guidance & circle per calendar to keep you feeling focused and accountable to stay on track with your aspirations to be the change you want to see in the world!!!

  • Access to the Mystery school library of tools and resources (depending on the package you sign up for)

  • Sacred Women Mystery School private facebook group for inspiration, connection and updates on what's happening in this ridiculously massive beautiful life that is expanding and shifting rapidly...


Here's what sister's have to say about the benefit of circle:

Jade’s sisterhood has given me a deeper confidence than I’ve ever been given access to through parents, family or community otherwise. The fierce yet gentle way she nurtured me throughout the course empowered me in my womanhood & there is nothing more valuable to me in my life. The information is forever relevant and will pierce through a bubble you didn’t even know existed! I am continually inspired to become more and more intimate with myself, which radiates through my life & have Jade to thank ❤
— Andrea
Experiencing the personal evolution that occurs on the circle journey and witnessing it within the other sisters, what a gift! 📿🔮✨
— Danielle
For me it’s the power in healing the feminine wound and continue to heal the pain and mistrust I’ve felt over my life from destructive relationships with women. 🙏🏼❤️🌸
— Leila
I love the circle calls as they have a welcoming, safe place to explore, express and be held by the sisters 💖
— Simone
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Exchange for this 9 month long space holder training is $5555

Weekly payment program available




The planet doesn’t need more successful people, but it desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, story tellers & lovers of every shape and form. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable & humane. And these needs have little to do with success as our culture has defined it
— David Orr

More Testimonials

Here's what sisters have had to say about the feminine embodiment temple journey
Learning self responsibility and the blessing of true sisterhood
— Tracy
Knowing that I am NEVER alone and always seen in this one big crazy WILD journey we call life.
— Melissa
The learning that happens through sharing our experiences.
— Mel
Increased value/acceptance of feminine traits like intuition, high emotional awareness
— Sam

Imagine being a part of a sisterhood who accept you the way you are right now, because they understand that we as women change and flow and evolve from week to week, day to day... Grace and deep compassion is present in a true sisterhood, we accept each other in our shadows and our light because we know that it takes the sun and the moon, night & day to create the cycles of this journey of life.

Being surrounded by women who choose to live a conscious life and create their dreams according to their unique expression in the world rather than being moulded by what we should do to keep it safe! Being surrounded by courageous women who are doing great things to give back to life as well as creating abundance in their own experience (its one and the same right?!)

The sense of releif is ENORMOUS when we realise that all women are experiencing similar things in different ways!!!! OMG I'm actually normal?!? This human experience can be tricky, lets not sugar coat it. BUT it is equally magical, especially when we are surrounded by like minded tribe who 'get it', who keep it real, who dare to dream, who yearn for breakthrough and take responsibility for that happening in their world. When women come together desiring breakthrough, miracles happen! Truly

Our sacred sisterhood circles are held on zoom... In our zoom womb... (Zoom is a platform like skype)... So as long as you have a smart phone and internet access your on sister! The other day I did my entire yoga practice while receiving the powerful transformation of hearing sisters share, it was so nourishing. There was another sister on call breast feeding, another was driving to work, another in the park, another sister was walking the beach, from different location in the world yet connected in heart to create potent change and a sense of being centred and aligned with the sacred feminine.


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