Having a WTF moment and need some clarity?

Straight up spread

Are you having a WTF moment and just really need some guidance?  Sometimes life is hectic and we cant see the forest for the trees, this spread will help you gain prospective, reconnect you to your focus and give you tools to move forward in a productive way.  We will clear the path, do a spot of house cleaning to redirect energies to where they need to be so that you can get on with the business of being awesome again! 

$50 for 3 cards and half hr session

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Take your power back spread

Reconnect with yourself, find your centre of power to make decisions that will usher in positive results in your life.  Get clarity where there is confusion in relationships, work, or life path situations.  Find out how you can best use what is in your life right now, to manifest your desires and dreams OR find out what path you should be focusing on at this time in your life.

$50 for 3 cards/30mins,   $70 for 5 cards/60 mins,  $115 for 90 mins

For all lovers, lady love, god man love, man man love, all kinds of love!! Love is love!! 

For all lovers, lady love, god man love, man man love, all kinds of love!! Love is love!! 

Relationships Spread

Relationships... Ahhhhh they are wild, intense, full filling, terrifying, and full of cross roads, empowering and absolutely can be one of the most amazing gifts in life.  Perhaps you are having a hard time in relationships, romantic or otherwise?  Are you needing guidance to know how and where to put your energy right now? Perhaps confused, exhausted and really needing support? The tarot is a very supportive tool to help us in our relationships, find out where you need to put your focus and put yourself and your relationships back on track, heading in the direction that is right for you. 

Perhaps you and your beloved need a little extra help to align your energies so you can keep moving forward in healthy ways that support you both? 

Manifesting your dream man or woman and feeling totally disappointed and dismayed? WHERE IS HE/SHE??? 

Or maybe you have no idea what you need right now but you know you need HELP!?!   That's what I'm here for! 

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Embody the Goddess coaching package

Are you yearning to take your power back? To find your voice in the world? Your unique expression? To embody the feminine more?  To learn how to love yourself and walk with confidence and power through life? A power that is invoked from the inside out?! ...

This is a 5 session immersion that will transform your relationship with yourself into your most sacred place to retreat when life gets hectic... And from here, you will attract different situations relationships and circumstances into your life because you are experiencing yourself differently!  Learn how to plan for your cycle, connect with the lunar and solar cycles to enhance your life,  learn rituals, healings and clearings that will transform your life so you are walking in alignment with all aspects of nature and the true power that resides within you.  

These sessions are designed according to your unique needs as, we work with the 4 phases of your cycle & the energies that they offer, to bring you deep and profound healing and activate aspects of yourself.


  • 4 video classes
  • Workbooks
  • 5 Sessions with Jade 
  • Goddess Card Readings are incorporated with Medicine Woman Tarot to get you back on track and living with that super sassy, sexy, empowered and connected to Spirit sparkle you admire in others!   
Are you sick and tired of feeling totally f'd over by your hormones?  Are you ready to transform your relationship with your body/mind cycle during your period?  I can help!

Heal your cycle, connect with your magic

Transform the pain around menstruation, learn how to prepare for PMS, learn how to work with your feminine nature to take back the shame/wrongness that may have been keeping you in cycles of sabotage/depression/anxiety.

In this session I teach you how to prepare for your coming cycle using the principals of the medicine wheel to reconnect, realign and remember our sacred, connected nature.  Working with the 4 phases of menstruation, the 4 directions, the elements: air, water, fire, earth, ether your cycle can become a magical experience of self discovery and mastery.