Medicine Woman Readings

Knowledge of the laws of nature is hidden in the tarot.  The word tarot means "The Wheel (or circle) Speaks The Laws of Nature".  These cards of life contain within them the keys to understanding the journey of life and the mastery within.  They have the power to inspire great harmony,  guiding us into conscious union with creation. 

  • Take your power back

  • Reconnect to the Woman Within

  • Live your purpose

  • Heal your old wounds

  • Assistance to move on

  • Reconnect with Nature

  • Embody the Goddess you are

  • Learn how to love yourself again

  • Renew health and vitality and claim your healing

  • Healthy body healthy mind, healthy mind healthy body

Online Medicine Woman Tarot Readings with Jade, Assistance where you need it, when you need it, from anywhere on the globe


This is the menstrual education and mentoring that connects you to your true essence as woman, in immersion of self care and deep spiritual transformation. This is a journey to discover your I AM WOMAN, where we dive deep into ancient feminine wisdom and healing. Its a 15 week mentoring and transformational journey that will set up your life on a whole new level for success in relationships, work, play, mental well being, physical well being and set your life back on track and on fire!! Your dreams are within you because they are ready to be woven! Through the wisdom that lies in your womb and your woman hood… You are WOMAN!! Are you ready to meet her?

Jade is a 500 hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with additional studies in Pregnancy Yoga  & Restorative Yoga.  She is also a red tent facilitator,  holding women's support circles and empowerment workshops.  Her knowledge of the body through 20 years of remedial massage therapy, combined with her extensive yoga study over the past 10 years bring educated alignment and body awareness. Her on point intuitive guidance bring profound nurturing & restoration to her students practise making her classes & circles a comprehensive and Self empowering experience.  Jade combines intention, asana, pranayama, mudra's, sanskrit mantra's (optional), alignment and enquiry cues to lead you to your own inner guru and place of power.  Jade believes that all beings hold the keys to their own wellbeing and wisdom, her job is to provide educated information & ask the right questions to trigger those answers in you!


Lunar Rhythmic Woman Yoga Series

Explore the phases of the moon as she waxes, becomes full, wanes and comes to her pause on the dark moon.  Discover how these phases of the moon are intrinsically woven into your very being as woman.  Each week we practise an aspect of our feminine expression through yoga, movement, conscious enquiry, circle and sacred sisterhood.


Pregnancy Yoga Series

This 8 week pregnancy yoga series is designed to connect you with your baby & prepare your body/mind/heart for motherhood and birth.  Each week we build on the last class, strengthening your body, strengthening your bond with your baby through hypnobirthing techniques, relaxing your mind and bringing balance and harmony to you and your baby.


Sacred Sexuality & the temple of Aphrodite 

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, she holds the keys to self love, healthy relationships and deep self care & she is about to become the gatekeeper to your sacred body temple!  Learn how to embody the Goddess of Love in your unique expression of her & reconnect to the magnetism of your sacred feminine nectar.  In this series we explore the gift of our sexual energy, and learn how to harness, expand and master this sometimes wild force of creation moving through us.   Each week we will introduce new self care & sexuality practices, deepening our understanding of what it truly means to be self loving, wildly sexy & magnetic with healthy boundaries!  Together we will overcome fears, heal past shame, cleanse our wombs & claim our sexual liberation!

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Red Tent Circles

Women have been gathering in sisterhood to celebrate their menstrual cycle since the dawn of time.  In the red tent we gather to reconnect with our bodies as our most intimate source of wisdom and guidance.  We heal the wounds of old, we practise ceremony, weave our dreams, we release that which we have carried in the month past, we let go, we support each other to rise to all that we are, we remember how incredible it is to be in authentic sisterhood with women who are real and supportive & we remember who we are so we can release stress, have time for ourselves and bring balance back into our experience.  

Create a crystal clear vision for the lifestyle you want to live this year Uncover hidden beliefs that could be sabotaging your wellbeing & your success Create a lifestyle plan that is based on the solar & lunar cycles as well as your bodies monthly cycle Leave the session feeling focused, relieved & empowered to follow through with a sustainable way of living that is feminine and flowing yet productive & generates results in your career and your day to day life! Freedom to flow in your unique & creative way! FREE  Inner Woman Meditation AND Reading or Coaching Session with me
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  • Create a crystal clear vision for the lifestyle & workflow that compliment your unique needs so you can THRIVE in life & biz

  • Uncover hidden beliefs that could be sabotaging your wellbeing & your success

  • Create a step by step guide that is aligned with the solar & lunar cycles as well as your bodies monthly/daily cycles

  • Leave the sessions feeling focused, relieved & empowered to follow through with a sustainable way of living that is feminine and flowing, yet productive & generates results in your career and your day to day life!

  • Work with your Solar Wheel, the Lunar Wheel & your Menstrual Cycle to create a workflow and lifestyle plan that is progressive and works with the fundamental principals of growth, prosperity, rest and replenishment.

Hi I’m Jade :) Welcome to my website!

Here you will find offerings to strengthen, harmonise and bring healing to your life through wellbeing of body, mind, heart and soul. I’m a modern day mystic who is passionate about seeing my clients & students thrive and live their best life! I provide empowerment mentoring, ancient wisdom teachings, consciousness expansion practises & modern day support structures such as yoga, bodywork, breath work, sacred ceremony, shamanic healing & divination.

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I’m the creatress of the Sacred Women Mystery School which is a support and education space for both men and women to come and find rest in the river of feminine nourishment. To be educated with sufficient sacred sexual and menstrual education and be supported in community to flourish in the family unit and as individuals. We provide workshops, circles and online programs in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Our aim is to provide a safe place to heal, be empowered and to remember. We are supporting many charities with a focus on indigenous cultures, teen safety & providing for the homeless and displaced. At this exciting time on the planet, the role of the Sacred Women Mystery School is to provide a place where Ancient Wisdom meets the Cosmic Revolution of Freedom!

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