The journey of ‘IAMWOMAN’ is a physical and metaphysical immersion into the true essence of woman.  Its a reconnection with the Goddess and a deep healing for old wounds.  Its where you get to reclaim and rebirth yourself to live your best life!!  This is a one on one 'coming of age' education and healing space that will revolutionize your relationship with yourself and your connection to Divine through your reproductive & spiritual wellbeing.   

Is your menstrual cycle debilitating?  Are you needing support with your emotions and your body?  Book a free consultation to find our how you can best be supported in your I AM WOMAN journey

During our initial consultation we get clear on what you would like to create in our sessions together so I can tailor make each session to suit you personally (every woman is so different).


You will receive a beautiful combination of:

  • In depth education and mentoring sessions

  • Coaching & clairaudient sessions

  • Workbooks

  • MP3’s

  • The Lunar Rhythmic Woman Solar and Lunar Calendar

  • Other relevant support structures & assistance such as medicine woman tarot readings, sacred sexuality coaching, astrology readings, sacred business coaching (additional extra’s) 

We will work together over 3 menstrual cycles (15 weeks)

Magical Menstruation Phase 

Education and Unpacking Phase Week 2-5

Introduction Magical Menstruation

Cycle Mapping, learn how to track your cycle and understand what your body is showing you through her ups and downs.  This will help you learn how to plan for optimum productivity, rest and play.  Its your feminine time management mapping system.

Getting to know your body, reproductive system and hormones 

Establishing a nourishing self care practice to balance and restore your body

Understanding the body & mind connection of the feminine journey with the menstrual cycle for optimum productivity, rest, connection and play


Workshop & Strategy Session 1hr

Claire Audient Mentoring Session &/Medicine Woman Tarot Reading 90mins

Home practise and self care strategy

What’s app/email support 20 mins

The Medicine Wheel of the Womb

Embody the Goddess & Connect to Your Guides Weeks 6-9

Deep dive into the ancient wisdom of the 4 phases you experience throughout your menstrual cycle menstrual cycle and the 4 Archetypes that you can sink into during each phase to enable you to truly and deeply embody all that you are as a spiritual being having a human experience. A glorious Goddess having a human experience.  Inside out beauty that never fades. 

During this process we get reacquainted with the archetype that your psyche wants to work with and align this with the 4 main archetypes and 4 phases for full power results

These sessions are fun and empowering!


Workshop & Strategy Session 1hr

Claire Audient Mentoring Session &/Medicine Woman Tarot Reading 90mins

Home practise and self care strategy

What’s app/email support 20 mins

Lunar Rythmic Woman

Cycle Mapping with The Moon for Success and Liberation!!

Develop an understanding of Lunar Wisdom while working with the 4 elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  

Each week we study and discover the unique wisdom Grandmother Moon is teaching you personally through the phase she is in, and how that applies to your personal and spiritual growth through your menstrual cycle.  

We learn how to work with different crystals, self care practises, yoga, rituals and ceremony to balance energies in your menstrual cycle with the phases of the moon.  


Workshop & Strategy Session 1hr

Claire Audient Mentoring Session &/Medicine Woman Tarot Reading 90mins

Home practise and self care strategy

What’s app/email support 20 mins

Every week throughout your 3 cycles you will receive

1 x 60 minute Education & Cycle Mapping Strategy Sessions

Learning exactly what your body is experiencing through out your menstrual and lunar cycles and how you can use this knowledge to empower you to connect deep into your IAM WOMAN to create strategies that will support and enhance your relationship with your self, others and how you manage life in general

1 x 90 minute Clairaudient Mentoring 

This is where you can unpack your thoughts, feelings and frustrations in a safe container.  It’s your space to be heard and to clear out wounding so you can be free to fly butterfly! 


You can choose from: 

  • A medicine woman tarot reading

  • A claire audience coaching session

  • Shamanic journey

  • Counselling & Strategy Sessions

Regular Check in Support

Every week you will receive up to 30 mins of live check in voice support over whats app & email! 

This creates a space for you to reach out for a little extra support when your feeling wobbly and to receive reminders, prompts and support messages from myself and your guides as they download through me!

Home play

Home play is an equally important component of our time together and is tailored for you personally after our sessions together. 


It’s mix of :

  • Self enquiry questions

  • Meditation practices (MP3)

  • Integration processes

  • Health and wellbeing suggestions for each phase of your menstrual and moon cycle (eg. what foods will make you feel fab and when to eat them)


The total investment for the 3 Cycle Journey into your IAM WOMAN is:

$3500 full payment


$250 per week for 15 weeks (the duration of our time together)

Please make contact to discuss pricing, I am open to discussion about payment plans etc xxxx