support, connection and empowerment for women hungry for change & growth


Are you yearning to embody all that you are as woman?

To live in a sense of ease with relationships, not just with others, with yourself and the Divine?

Here you will find in person offerings, programs, courses, workshops, retreats, one on one coaching & soul support sessions. It is my aim to provide a place of feminine nourishment for those who are in need & ready for change.  I aim to empower your life & connect you to your soul path (on all levels of your being)!  It is my hope that here you find sanctuary to remember all that you are.  In community we encourage & inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves & shine in our unique essence in the world!


Welcome to your Sacred Sisterhood Home @ Home...

The Sacred Women Online Worldwide Tribe

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Online Courses

Sacred Women Mystery School 

Discover the art of sacred living & access all of the aspects of your feminine nature, using ancient wisdom priestess path practices, yogic principals, daotist sacred sexuality & self mastery.  Realign to the cycles of nature & deepen your relationship with authentic 'Self Love'.

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healing, growth & change

 Astrology, mentoring, mindfulness & consciousness expansion sessions, psychic consultations, sacred sexuality & sensuality coaching & programs, yoga, circles, retreats, healing, growth & change sessions, intuitive guidance, readings, transmissions & one on one coaching.  Sessions are offered both online and in person.

If your stuck and need assistance to break the cycle, and access the part of yourself that you may be struggling to access on your own, we invite you to book a session with one of our facilitators. 

We are here to help...  

Co creating lasting change!

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Inspired & Intuitive

Support space to expand your reality and keep you connected during the cosmic shifts that are occurring at this powerful time

Monthly online "Feminine Embodiment Temple" ~ Lunar ceremonies, Red tent Circles, Workshops, Transmissions and Mastermind.   


We are here to assist you in living the most turned on, tuned in and expansive life you can possibly experience.  Here at Sacred Women Collective our aim is to facilitate what you already have inside you, to turn the lantern on when you cant find it yourself during darker days, and assist you in accessing parts of yourself that you may be finding it difficult to access on your own.  

We do this by offering one on one guidance in the form of readings, psychic assistance, coaching, mindfulness mentoring and through our feminine embodiment temple journey.

Here you will find personal guidance with Jade & Simi, to assist you in breakthrough for personal and Spiritual growth


In the spirit of freedom and adventure we have created an events page to connect you with events that are happening in the collective and abroad

Here you will find workshops, retreats, gigs, festivals, and other rad activities that you can ad to your life to keep inspired, playful and expansive

Your the painter, your life is the canvass, paint it how your heart is yearning to and be bold bebeeee! 

Blog: Inspired Writing & Cosmic Guidance

This free offering space is our service to sisterhood, where we bridge the gap so that this sacred and powerful work of transformation and healing can be accessible to all women, from all walks of life.


The sacred women movement is a support, growth and education space for both men and women to come and bathe by the river of feminine nourishment


To receive, replenish, restore and to remember


To rise above the noise of societal pressures and expand into our full expression of freedom as a collective


The sacred women movement is where ancient wisdom merges with the cosmic revolution of light frequency.  Where we are empowering each other through workshops, circles, writing, teaching, healing, sacred song, sacred art, retreats, wellness, business coaching, rites of passage and movement.  We are here as sacred women on this planet to ignite our untapped potential so that we can meet our modern day needs and do it in a way that is revolutionary, fun, radical, joyful, creative and ultimately exercising our gift of free will to make a difference on this planet!! 


Women have been gathering in circle since cups of tea have been shared! Why? Because even trees in the forest grow in circle to amplify nourishment, protection from the elements & grounding into the earth


We aim to assist you in expressing your unique essence in her feminine way & to experience the transformation that is available to you.  And in doing so, our men are honoured and encouraged to rise from the essence we hold in our being ness, our children are raised in a way that is both the ways of tribe and community and of light frequency revolution!  


Welcome sister, thank you for visiting!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step
— Lao Tzu

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