So many beautiful men approach me regularly asking why there is so much going on in the empowerment world for women and not for men. Bloody good question!!!

The truth is, that the patriarchy & ‘the feminine wound’ has affected ALL beings, not just female identified individuals. We are all both masculine and feminine, therefore we are all relearning how to be in right relationship with the masculine and feminine within, so that we can be in right relationship with other humans & put our best foot forward. The change we wish to see in the world begins here, within.

Below I have provided links to offerings, recourses and programs to empower your relationships with self and others. Learn how to walk with confidence and heal the parts of yourself that have been hurt/shamed/misunderstood/misguided. The masculine principal is of equal importance to the feminine.

My intention here is to provide support for you to walk with confidence and purpose filled action. Big love brother hearts, hope you find some nourishment for your journey here xx


soul Support Sessions with Jade

Confused? Not sure how to begin moving forward? We all go through times of uncertainty & we all fuck up. It’s how we navigate the next steps that matters the most. Confusion can be immobilizing, and talking about it helps to create momentum towards taking appropriate actions. These sessions are basically a casual chat to help you hear your own truth, so you can begin to take steps that are aligned with what your soul really wants. Stop sabotage patterns & understand your core drivers so you can make better choices for your life and family.

Relationship Support Sessions

Knowing how to navigate topics like PMS, post traumatic stress, sensitivity, the emotional rollercoaster & general stress of relationship responsibility can be over whelming. The truth is that if you are male identified, your brain is wired completely different to your partners. These sessions are designed to support you to learn new ways of relating to your beloved. Ways to support them in their journey & to support yourself. Release old wounds & empower yourself with tools to move on to greater heights with your big love.


Mens Empowerment Course with Jade and Melissa

A mans true power is found when he learns how to master his life force energy and direct it towards purpose filled action. This course is designed to teach you how to master your vital life force, in sex, business, relationship & community. Learn how to set appropriate boundaries and rediscover the role the masculine is playing in our communities & world at large. Coming Soon.


David Deida

David is a bloody legend!!! He talks about sex & how to relate between masculine and feminine in a way that is both relatable and funny. He’s light hearted about it, educational and next level! Check him out! Free recourses and some paid ones too if your into it.


Kris Stone

I met Kris in Costa Rica, his business is Conscious Cock. His offering is all about how to communicate your sexual and emotional needs with your beloved. He has some amazing resources available including ‘how to bring up the hard stuff’

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Alison Armstrong

Alison’s life work is in support of the psychological development of men & understanding the different phases men go through in their life. Yes men are cyclic too!! She is grounded in her approach and really kind. She speaks about the emasculation of men and objectification of women and invites us into new relationship that honours our differences and encourages working with them not against them