Jade is the founder of the Sacred Women Collective

Jade ~ 

Jade is a women's mysteries facilitator, yoga teacher, masseuse, healer & empowerment mentor. She is the founder of the Sacred Women Mystery School and is currently setting up the sacred women organization. Jade has been co facilitating women's mysteries circles and retreats since 2011.  She has a unique gift in assisting the release of pain and limitation in body and mind.  Through psychic guidance & clairaudience Jade has been facilitating growth and change in her clients and students since 1997. 

Her passion is seeing individuals empowered by reuniting & connecting with the feminine principle & returning to natures cyclic ways.  

May the mysteries and the magic unfold as we co create the world we dream of! One cycle at a time xxx

This is what Zoe had to say about the Feminine Embodiment Temple Journey:  

"I really feel like its been gentle waves of the ocean , sitting on the shore of a very familiar beach of gentle lapping waves on the shore… The content of the course has felt like home to me… I was trying to identify is it because i was aware of these different archetypes in the past, but i think what it is , is an intrinsic knowledge that each time a wave has come towards me and touched my feel, it is like being home,…. this course has been like coming home, its like this wisdom is our wisdom and remembering the ancient wisdom, all of the tools, and living in that space of deep wisdom of the feminine in all of her faces, her wildness, medicine woman and empowering all of the aspects of the feminine… I can never be reminded enough to keep coming home, cause it seems to be a passageway of life to go from forgetfulness to remembrance… It has been powerful to explore this space together as a weekly pilgrimage… to come back to remembering and back to home within tribe and within self… 


Melissa ~ Sacred Sexuality

Originally from Australia, Melissa now lives between Cuba and Costa Rica where she teaches her passion and knowing that Our Pleasure is Not Optional. 

Our orgasmic and sensual health is vital to our well being . Physically, emotionally  and spiritually.


Melissa aims to see the return of the red tent culture for women and rights of passage for men, within which ancient wisdom is returned to the being of humanity. 

Drawing on teachings from daoism, tantra and modern day breakthroughs, Melissa supports both men and women in teaching orgasm for health, spiritual expansion and just great sex for oneself and within relationship with others . 

Self pleasure and empowerment ripples out of the bedroom into your whole life.

Cosmic bodies is a space where ancient wisdom meets our earth journey now... Simi Sutton brings through her gifts in an authentic powerful and graceful way x
“Simi’s astrology reading was amazing! It really felt like she was reading my book. She has a well refined understanding of astrology and the intricate cosmic dance we are all moving to. Her interpretation of my chart felt deeply intuitive and helped me see aspects of myself the universe is encouraging me to work on! Having this reading helped me gain clarity and it was really fun to learn how planetary bodies effect us. Thanks Simi!”
Kitty - nutritionist at soul food nutrition

Simi ~ Astrologer

Simi is an impassioned astrologer who has been looking to the stars for insight since she can remember. Studying many different healing modalities along the way has led her into many workshops and courses. Simi’sinterest in the mayan calendar,  and also a bodyworker has led her down the path of Mayan abdominal bodywork- womb massage. It is through this work that she has discovered her life purpose as not only a bodyworker, but as a worldbridger from the stars to the womb,  so we can receive these ancient codes deep into he body. She is also a certified dance movement therapist and yoga teacher, Simi weaves all this magic into workshops for women to learn these star codes through movement and teaches deep self care techniques to receive the strength and wisdom needed from within. 

Simi’s astrology readings look to the nodal axis for what the karmic and dharmic path is , what our cosmic blueprint we have come in with and what we are here to anchor. Simi incorporates the feminine asteroids into her sessions to weave in the long lost sacred feminine magic into the charts, so we can understand who we are as women and what wounds we might be carrying. With this feminine focus we also look at what phase the moon was in at birth and progressed, so we can see how to nurture our souls and deal with life in a more heart centred way.

Sacred Women are waking up and they're remembering who they are. Simi sees her role to assist this remembering at a deep cellular l level and offers a profound and unique understanding what it is we came here for,  what will nourish us (aswell as what to look out for that may hold us back.) Much can be gleaned from an astrological reading with Simi, she is highly intuitive and thorough in the way she works and invites a sharing in her reading, so it can also feel like a counselling session .  Simi provides practical self care tools to take away from your reading so that your healing can continue in your own hands. These readings take place in the zoom womb and you will receive an mp3 recording of these session for later reflection . 


Readings usually take 1.5 hours and are $170... 

I want to express my deepest gratitude to divine sister Simi Sutton who humbly and beautifully gave me the most sacred and nourishing womb massage followed by a herbal vaginal steam this morning.
I literally don’t have words to explain how special and delightful this morning was with Simi. It all started with the reading of my astrological chart and then this gorgeous treatment. I was in so much need of care and recharge. I left Simi’s house feeling I was in heaven within my own Self. Gratitude sister for your gifts!!! Much Love <3 <3
Aline Lage - spiritual healer and kundalini yoga teacher
I have received many massages and healing sessions over the last fifteen years and in all honesty, I put Simi into the category of top body workers of our time. Her deep connection to the sacred feminine and divine emotional empathy combined with a perfected skill in healing arts modalities and technique allow you to feel completely seen, held and taken care of. I have had the privilege of being on her table as many times as I can and with my whole heart I recommend her as a skilful, profound space holder and sacred body worker. She is intuitive, deeply sensitive and caring. Her massage style is strong and loving. Her Mayan abdominal work is life changing. Her fusion of essential oils, astrology and sacred stones leaves you feeling connected to higher realms and integrated on many levels. I would travel for a session with Simi. If you have her in your area, do yourself a favour and book a session.
Anna Whiting - Co-creator of Shemana Elixirs and Facilitator of Heart Works Lomi Lomi
Simi is a High Priestess and Keeper of sacred womb mysteries. Her work is a multidimensional weaving of ancient deep rooted wisdom and highest cosmic intelligence. The marriage of her divinely feminine astrology and profound bodywork allows healing throughout the subtle tapestry of bodymind and soul. I honour you Sim in your important work helping women to learn the practices of deep self care, awakening their womb hearts. Aho my sister🙏❤️ Patrice Corrie